Tecnica Formazione Sicurezza s.r.l.

Tecnica – Formazione – Sicurezza s.r.l. is a company that has been operating in the prevention and safety sector (Safety & Security) for over eighteen years, carrying out planning, technical consultancy and training for the management of any emergency situation.

Many years of experience in the sector and the expertise gained by our  certified instructors and qualified technical personnel  allow Tecnica – Formazione – Sicurezza s.r.l. to offer customers a wide range of specialized solutions in the planning, supply, installation and management of

  • detection, monitoring and environmental surveillance networks
  • alarm and safety systems in the event of a fall: boulders, debris flow, snow avalanches

and to suggest customizable assistance packages based on the real needs of the customer or on the particular operating context.

Tecnica – Formazione – Sicurezza s.r.l. also develops advanced software solutions for companies, municipalities, civil protection groups.